Technological platform - Technologies for Sustainable Ecological Development

Contact institution for collaboration within the BRICS Research and Innovation Networking Platform
We are the point where science, technology and business meet and support collaboration of organizations from BRICS countries
Priority areas
The cooperation focused on five thematic priopity areas
Prevention and mitigation of natural disasters - led by Brazil
Water resources and pollution treatment
- led by Russia
Geospatial technology and its applications
- led by India
New and renewable energy, and energy efficiency
- led by China
- led by South Africa
New research and innovation initiatives
We provide direct communication channel between stakeholders
1. Water resources and pollution treatment

Russia - leads through the Technological Platform for Sustainable Ecological Development
Contact point - Higher School of Economics
2. Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Disasters (Monitoring & Early Warning)

Brasil - leads through the National Center for Monitoring and Early Warning of Natural Disasters - Cemaden
Russia - contact point Russian State Hydrometeorological University; George Gogoberidze
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